Enhanced Climateprediction (CPDN) status

CPDN Workunits and results states: latest update 2020-02-02 00:53:08 UTC

See also CPDN Server status

The following charts are created by looking at 50 randomly selected computers who are actively contributing to CPDN. Some of the workunit ids (currently 4215) are then scanned and the state of each result id (currently 8037) is recorded and plotted below as a function of creation date (lumped to 1 day). The top graph shows how well a batch has succeeded, each workunit is lumped into being "error" if it is neither in progress, completed or unsent. The next graph shows all of the states of all "wingmenn". The bottom graph shows computer operating systems for task where one computer has achived the status of "Completed", while other computers have gotten "Error while computing". This page will only be update sporadically, at most once per week.